About Potton Brewing Company Ltd

Emma and Guy Horsfall took over the Potton Brewing Company in the summer of 2023 from its previous owner who had revived brewing in Potton in 2017. We are passionate about providing quality craft local beer to local people. Potton Brewing Company Ltd is a micro-brewery based in Befordshire. We specialize in hand-crafted gluten-free traditional English real ales.

Our beers reflect the long heritage of brewing in Potton, dating back to at least Victorian times, we are still using some Potton's favourite recipes that have been around since the last century.

Our beer is available in 500ml bottles and can be found in many of the local shops, markets and in cask at many of the local beer feastivals.

We also supply the pub trade and can supply casks (72 pints), pins (36 pints) for private functions and beer festivals

Mash Tun after sparging Shannon
Mash Tun after sparging Shannon

Family Run

Established in 2017